Dr.G.K.Dhas - Founder & Managing Trustee:

G.K.Dhas A dedicated social activist striving for the upliftment of the society. He is the founder of the trust founded in the year 1997, the year in which Mother Teresa died. His vision is to have a casteless society with freedom and equality.

    Mr. A.Xavier - Trustee:

G.K.Dhas A devoted personality, to the cause of downtrodden in the society. He was an academician and one of the founders of the trust. He is a writer who contributes articles through innovative thoughts and ideas for a change in the society.

    Dr. C.Vijayakumar - Trustee:

G.K.Dhas A philanthropist and a dedicated personality, upholds the high principles of love and service to the society. He involves himself in the activities of the trust and motivates the younger generation to render their helping hand to the needy.
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